21 March 2011

Sharing is Not Always a Good Thing

Love this little tunnel along the bike trail!
Today I am missing my yoga class for the first time since I started going a couple of months ago.  And I was probably looking forward to it more than usual because my muscles are a bit tight still from my long run on Saturday.  So why am I missing my class???  Because the first words out of each of the kids mouths this morning were "my tummy hurts".  Uh oh.  However, that explains a lot.  Let me back up to Saturday.

Saturday I had a 12 mile run scheduled.  It was the longest distance I had ran since September 26th when I ran my last half marathon.  Nearly 6 months ago!  Holy cow.  Niko had a basketball game at 10am so I got up, had some breakfast then we all headed to the YMCA for his game.  When we got home I was mentally preparing for my run, getting my gear together and making sure I was dressed appropriately for the weather.  It was a beautiful sunny day, although the weather forecast called for rain by 1pm (I would still be out running at that point).  My new running hat arrived so I decided to wear that to keep the sun out of my eyes since I have yet to find a pair of sunglasses for running.  I opted for shorts, a tshirt and my running jacket.  I brought along my music this time and also my water bottle and some Gu Chomps instead of a gel packet thinking that I could eat half around mile 6 and the rest at mile 9.

Niko loves basketball.  On most days.  And yes, this is the shirt I was wearing in my previous post!
 I left my house intending to run out 6 miles then turn around and run back.  That is my favorite way to do a long run, there is no better feeling than reaching halfway and knowing that all you have to do is retrace your steps!  I headed down the bike path that runs along side Hwy 16- past Tacoma Boys, Target and Cheney Stadium.  My path ended when I was at mile 5.  Bummer.  I kept running a bit through the neighborhood I ended up in.  It seemed like an ok area until I saw a sign that said "welcome to hilltop" and a white pickup drove past me and honked.  I realized I was maybe a bit vulnerable at that point (not really knowing where I was) and turned around to head back to my trail.  I would make up that extra mile once I arrived back near my house.  I started feeling hungry and a little bit sluggish around mile 8.  Mile 11 was really difficult, and my slowest mile -9:54, out of all of them.  I managed to push through it and finish mile 12 at a 9:13 pace. 

My overall time for 12 miles was 1:54 which I am happy with.  It was a 9:29 pace on average and is definitely faster than any of my past runs exceeding 10 miles.  When I got back home I did not feel good at all.  I drank my "recovery" drink and tried to eat some food.  My stomach was not too happy with me and I ate slowly knowing I needed to get some nutrients in me anyways.  I ended up laying down and napping for about an hour.  When I woke up I still felt terrible and ended up just laying around the whole rest of the day.  I was frustrated with myself, thinking it was something I had done wrong while preparing for my run- not eating enough or not drinking enough...it had to be something!  I had never felt this horrible after a long run.  And I definitely wanted to figure it out and correct it so it never happened again.

Fast forward to this morning...the kids have belly aches.  Aaaahhhh...it most likely wasn't my long run at all!  I must have had some sort of 24 hour bug.  Which I apparently shared with the kids...oops.  Usually it is the other way around.  Actually, I so rarely get sick that it didn't even occur to me that was a possibility.  So in hindsight it is a miracle I even completed that long run at all, let alone in a pretty decent time!

No photos today- for one, today I can't figure out how to get my pictures off of my iphone (even though last time I did it easily) and for two- I don't have the energy considering I have had Niko plastered to me for the last several hours.  Poor kiddo.  I know just how he feels.  Pretty yucky.

**Update** The kids are feeling much better tonight, and my computer decided to upload my photos! 

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  1. Hope everyone feels better soon. Good Job on your run!