25 March 2011

My Pretty Piggies

Today I decided it was time to give my feet some TLC.  They definitely take a beating with all of my running and soccer.  I also managed to drop part of a mop bucket on my left foot this week (ouch) which created a lovely bruise.  So I decided to do a foot soak, scrub and repolish.  It felt really good, but was not nearly as relaxing as I had hoped.  I was interrupted about 12 times and had to explain to both children and my husband what I was doing and why.  Next time I plan on making a sign and locking the door!!  I think I read about 3 paragraphs in my beloved book the whole 20 minutes I was soaking.  Oh well, it still felt nice to pretty up my ugly piggies!

My feet prior to their makeover

All pretty!  Well, about as good as they get!
My funny story for the week- yesterday at the gym I was running on the treadmill after my boxing class.  My ear buds never stay in properly so I reached up to push them in more securely.  Well, as I brought my arms back down to get back to proper form I hit the cord leading to my ipod.  Which sent it up in the air then straight down onto the treadmill.  The back popped off and my ipod shot off the back of the mill.  Luckily I was coordinated enough to just gracefully hop off, retrieve my player, hook it back up and keep running.    Yes, just wanted to be the entertainment at the gym for the day -you are all very welcome. 


  1. This is exactly why I pay the 30 bucks to have a pedicure done at a nail salon. I feel that it's totally worth it. No interruptions and it always looks nice when they finish. Unlike when I do my own and it sometimes looks like crap. For the record, Evan saw the photos on this post and said, "aww. now her toes look pretty and blue."

  2. It's nice to do that once in a while for yourself.....Mine always turns into doing my girls next!

  3. This made me feel like I was negleting my poor feet...which I was! So I gave myself a mani and pedi too :)