16 March 2011

Speedy Me???

So after my race last weekend I started looking at the times of my other 3 mile runs.  Not one of them was even close to the 25 minute mark!  So how is it that I magically ran faster than I ever have during a race??  So on Tuesday I thought I would do a check and see if I could do it again.  I managed to do a 3 mile run in 25:09!  My splits were 8:50, 8:26 and 7:50!  So I guess the answer is yes, I am capable of running faster than I usually do.  I am trying to wrap my brain around this new information. 

I guess I am trying to figure out when this happened.  Is it because of the added cross training?  Is it the minimalist shoe I have embraced?  Is it completely mental?  I am sure it is a combination of many different factors but I am fascinated by it.  Suddenly I have become kind of...quick!  I am not exactly a speed demon, but being able to pull off a 7:50 mile for me is AWESOME!!! 

It could also be because ever since I injured my knee last spring I am very cautious with my speed workouts.  I know that going too fast, too far, too soon is what causes injuries and I have had my fair share.  Knee, quad, ankle, other knee...and I absolutely dread that happening again.  But I have not had one twinge of pain while using my new lineup of shoes.  And believe me, I am in tune with my body.  I ask it every night how it is doing.  And it assures me it feels just fine.  Although the people at the gym probably think I am having an affair with their foam roller.  I might be just a smidge obsessed with it.  It is just so much better than the one I have at home!  I ordered one just like it, hopefully it will arrive this week. 

Today I had a 6 mile run scheduled.  I ran on the treadmill and did the first mile at 9:05 for a warm up then set it to 8:34 to finish it out.  I felt really good the whole time, and probably could have pushed a bit harder if I wanted but just let it be a comfortable pace.  That's right-  8:34 is suddenly a comfortable pace for me.  So my results of the 6 mile run- total time 52:05 for a pace of 8:40.  And I felt sweaty and perfect when I was done.  Speedy me!


  1. Thats a pretty decent mile time. Way to go! Our bodies are amazing that way, how they can do things our minds didn't realize they could do.

  2. Nice job! Don't worry too much about why you're able to run faster. It's a consequence of all the training you've done! Most of running is about getting your body to gradually accept running a bit faster here and there.

    Congrats on doing the St. Pats race multiple times too! I did it this year for the first time and had a blast!