08 January 2012

My 2012 Race "Wish" List

My race "Bling"!
For a while I thought I would take a little break from running a lot of races and just pick a few choice ones to run this year.  But then I start looking a race calendars and training plans and talking to friends and realized I am not ready to take a step back just yet.  I LOVE races, in a way that I have never really felt about anything before in my life.  I love everything about them- the training, the atmosphere, other runners, the pain, the finish line, the swag bag, the expo, the friends, the outfit, the sense of accomplishment- I love it all.  Even the honey buckets.  Ok, I don't really love the honey buckets but I do appreciate them! 
First of many honey bucket stops during Ragnar! 
FYI- that is hand sanitizer in my hand.
So here it is, my "wish" list of races for 2012.  I am currently only registered for the 5K on St Patrick's Day, but hope to get registered for a couple of the others that may sell out soon.  I would also like to add a couple of 10 or 12K's to my list of races.  I am not quite ready to pull the 26.2 card again just yet.  Maybe next year.  Hey, I said maybe!  Hmmm- better than the "no way in the world do I ever want to do that again" that has generally been my thought when I think about running another marathon.  Baby steps people, baby steps!

*March 17th- St Paddy Tacoma
*April 14th- Y Run for Kids
*December 15th- Santa Runs Tacoma

10K and 12K's:
*March 31st- Dash Point Trail Run, 10K
*June 9th- Sound to Narrows, 12K
*September 9th- Iron Girl 10K

Half Marathon's:
*May 5th- Cinco de Mayo
*May 6th- Tacoma City 
*May 20th- Capital City
*June 23rd- Seattle RnR
*August 4th- Tacoma Narrows Half
*September 16th- You Go Girl

Relays and Other Races:
*July 20th- Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage
*October 13th- Defiance 50K (15K course)
*August 4th- JBLM Down and Dirty Mud Run 8K
*June 2nd- Rainier to Ruston 50M relay (4 person team)
*September 1st- Over the Narrows 10 mile run

If you are on my relay team I promise to wear calf sleeves, socks, sandals and various
other awesome accessories while offering you water!  Who wouldn't want me to help them hydrate???
I could probably continue adding to this list all day long but I will just leave it at this for now.  These are just some races that have caught my eye- I will need to make some decisions in the next month or so and really get my calendar focused so I can register for a few of these races.  Anyone want to come race with me?  Any fun races I should know about?     

I will also help ensure we are safe AND entertained at the same time while
crossing the street by doing a little dance!
One of my goals for this year is to move to a higher level in the half fanatics club- and I am going to do that by running 2 half marathons in 48 hours.  I am really considering the Cinco de Mayo and the Tacoma City back to back in early May to achieve this.  Anyone else ever do back to back half marathons??  Does this sound crazy?  Any suggestions on how to train for something like this?  

I would also like to take a trip to Boise and run a race there with my long lost BRF (best runner friend) Cynthia.  So find us a race and I will head over the mountains- somewhere between a 10K and half marathon would be great!!!  What do you think BRF??  Send me some races and lets get it on the calendar!
BFR's at the Seattle Rock and Roll last June


  1. Yay that would be awesome! Not as many races here as there is in Washington though. What time frame and i'll look. We haven't ran a half together yet, like the whole race together. I think that would be fun.

  2. If only you weren't so far away I would come race with you. Your schedule looks awesome. Hopefully you will be able to get alot of those in.

  3. me me me! I would like to do a few with you! let me know. i have some races im doing too, so some with you would be awesome.

  4. Christie- I know, it would be fun if you could join me at one or more of these races! You would love the You Go Girl race in September. Cynthia- I am not sure- thinking April? Or maybe July or August (too hot?) or October? We did run the Tacoma Narrows Half- remember! And Alyssa- of course!