12 January 2012

My Plan- Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

My focus right now is on increasing my overall fitness using the P90X2 program, gaining speed for a 5K personal best in March using Run Less Run Faster (RLRF) and losing a few pounds by cutting my calories down and making healthy food choices.  I have created a detailed training plan for myself and tested it out last week to make sure it would be manageable while also working my real job and being a mom.  My days are extremely full but I made it work every day- no excuses!  I HAVE to create a plan for myself or else I am quick to just skip a workout.  I am not sure what it is, but if it is written on the calendar- by golly I am going to get it done!

So here is my very basic diet, I don't like too many rules or else it is too complicated.  I eat 4 times a day, roughly 400 calories each time for a daily total of 1,600 calories.  This seems to be a good number for me, I am always just a bit hungry when I go to bed but my energy level is great through the day and my workouts have not suffered.  I make sure my food choices will keep me full- the biggest "bang" for my buck if you know what I mean.  For breakfast every day I have been having oatmeal with some nuts, a little brown sugar and cinnamon plus a nonfat greek yogurt (fage brand).  The combination of a complex carb and protein seem to keep me full the longest. 

Some other things I eat a lot of:  oatmeal, eggs, chicken, salad, bananas, applesauce, protein bars, protein shakes, cottage cheese, soup and rice.  It may seem kind of boring but if you see food mostly just as a fuel source for your body and less as a source of pleasure it makes sense.  Eat what makes you feel good and what helps you achieve your goals.  I don't deny myself things, but I just make sure they are in moderation and only once in a while. 

I am a huge fan of the showThe Biggest Loser- I love watching the transformations the contestants go through.  I also love the trainers and miss Jillian A LOT, although Dolvett and Bob are making me laugh this season with their competitiveness.  Boys!!  Anyways, I decided to make Tuesdays my "weigh-in" day, just like they do on the show. 

My results for week #1 - Total weight lost 2.5 pounds (I am hoping for 1-2 pounds a week) Sweet!

And here is what my workouts look like:
RLRF-  Track repeats:
Last Monday the plan was a one mile warm up, 2x1600 at 7:53 (3:00 walk/recover between), 1x800 at 7:38 then a half mile cool down.  I love speed work in a way people probably shouldn't love speed work.  It's quick, it's sweaty and then it's done.  Awesome.  I used Dolvett's mantra here and repeated "hardwork. dedication" over and over at the end of those repeats to get me through them.  I may or may not have pretended he was there shouting it with/at me.  4 miles done in just under 33 minutes.
X2 Core- This workout was done after my run and was much easier this week than last week!  A lot of balance moves that also incorporate strength.  Planks, warrior positions, squats, lunges, stability ball, burpees and push ups.  Tony Horton is a dork but I like him and he makes me laugh while I sweat for 57 minutes.

Plyocide- just like it sounds, a combination of plyometrics and suicide LOL.  This workout has a lot of jumping and explosive type movements.  This is a challenging, fast paced intense workout but I think it is my favorite video.  This workout is also 57 minutes.

RLRF- Tempo Run:
Last week I was so SORE from Monday and Tuesday's workouts I had to skip my run!  But yesterday I felt great so I followed the plan.  1 mile warm up, 2 miles at 8:27, 1 mile easy, 2 miles at 8:27 then a one mile cool down.  I found the tempo run to be challenging but manageable, not as hard as the track repeats.  7 miles in 62 minutes.

X2- Total Body and X2- Ab Ripper.  Wednesday is definitely my hard day- last week all I managed was the total body workout for the day.  And I "observed" a lot!  This week I added the run and then did X2 Total Body.  Still couldn't quite manage ab ripper, although time constraints had a lot to do with that as well.  Total body is just like it says- total body.  A lot of dumbell movements, pull ups, lunges etc.  There is a move on there I cannot do for the life of me, it is called the one handed tricep kickback on a stability ball (or something like that).  You get in plank position, balance yourself with one arm across the stability ball then do tricep kickbacks.  Right.  What I do is fall on my face.  But-I will conquer that move eventually!  Total time 64 minutes.  Next week I WILL add the Ab ripper.

So that is the first half of what my week looks like- just add in there a full day of work, kid's homework, dinner, laundry, dishes and maybe a shower once in a while and my day is completely full!  What workout plan are you currently using, or do you just like to wing it?  Have you ever done P90X, and if so how did you like it?  What do you think I should dress up like for the St Paddy Day race- typical green attire or go for something creative like a rainbow?  Anybody out there doing a fun valentine's day race?  Sorry for the lack of photos- I am going to figure out a way to take some next week so you can see my attempt at these videos! 



  1. I have never tried the P90X but I hear it's killer. I have been sticking with my weight training program for the last 50+ days and am actually loving it. I don't have any races scheduled until March, just virtual ones.

  2. Wow! Very impressive planning & follow-through. I'm thinking of using RLRF for the 5k too but have yet to sit down and get it all written out. I've gained 10 lbs since the Seattle RNR so need to start dropping too. That's the hard part but definitely need to cut out the sweets & wine/beer. So sad. Keep up the good work!

  3. Wow, Tiffany, your schedule intimidates me! I watched a P90x workout once and lots of infomercials, but I've never ACTUALLY done one. Hmm, looks insane and tempting. I would love to try it, kind of. ;) I wing just about everything, you know that! I think you should dress up as a leprechaun! I am doing the, love 'em or leave 'em 5k in Seattle again for Valentine's day, hoping Bill can run it with me.
    Thanks for sharing your successes and struggles, always encouraging and inspiring. Love ya' girlie!

    1. This is, Tiana but the way! :) doh. Lol

  4. I have just finished week 2 of my c25k training so that I can run a 5k this year. I think rainbow colors would look great for your race!!:)