01 January 2012

How I got to 1,001 Miles

My daily mile stats for the year!
Yesterday I completed one of my goals for 2011 which was to run 1,000+++ miles with Tall Mom Club.  I ended my year at 1,001 miles- most of which were training miles, some were just for fun, and quite a few were ran during some awesome RACES!!!  Here is a list of my races from 2011, in the order I ran them (click on them for a recap):

3/12/11- St Patty Day 5K- *5k PR, pouring rain, 6 weeks into my marathon training!

6/5/11- NODM Marathon (long version HERE )*Proud, determined, too warm, beautiful race!

6/26/11- Seattle RnR Half Marathon*Last minute, FUN race, perfect weather, BRF Cynthia!

7/4/11- JBLM Down and Dirty 8K Mud Run *Family and friends, great obstacles, loving the mud!

7/22-23rd- Ragnar Relay:  Here, Here, and Here*Epic, Exhausting, Laughing Running Adventure!

9/18/11- You Go Girl Half Marathon*Finished under 2 hours, Rained, Ran with Alyssa, fun outfit!

9/25/11- Black Diamond Half Marathon *Competitive, Triathlon events, last mile is a trail

10/1/11- North County Wine Run Half Marathon*Qualified for Half Fanatic, hubby's first half, joy

10/16/11- Race for a Soldier Half Marathon*last minute, hilly, fantastic volunteers, wonderful cause

12/4/11- Las Vegas RnR Half Marathon*Freezing cold, at night, insanity, amazing sights and sounds

12/17/11- Santa Runs Tacoma 5K*Candy Cane, running with some fun bloggers, well organized

I love having a race or two on my calendar- it gives me focus and purpose.  The minute I don't have a training plan to follow my running goes straight down the toilet.  Thank goodness for the challenge to run 1,000 miles so that I kept putting some miles down while I tried to figure out what I wanted to do next!  Which, by the way, I have finally figured out.  But I will save that for next time!  Hope you all had a fun and safe New Year's weekend- I am ready to see what 2012 brings, aren't you?? 

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  1. congrats on running 1001 miles!!
    You were great this past year with all your races! I love your dedication!
    I hope to run more if you do some together again! :)