21 January 2012

Tiffany vs Snowpocalypse 2012

Looking out my front door on Wednesday morning at 4:30am- it was snowing
So remember how I said my workouts would be in the same order each week with the only variation being the details of my run?  Well I didn't take into account what happens when our area gets hit by a huge (for us) snow/ice storm!!  It started snowing last Sunday and progressed into a full on blizzard by Wednesday, followed closely by an ice storm.  Wow oh wow! 
Looking out my front door Thursday morning at 5:15am- freezing rain was
falling and everything had an ice glaze!
I live very close to my job.  Close enough to walk if necessary, so guess who gets the 4am wake up call when the roads are terrible?  Me.  I don't mind, I would rather my fellow coworkers stay safe and some of them live pretty far away so it would be ridiculous for them to drive in when the roads are so bad.  All week long school was canceled, most offices were closed and people were supposed to just stay home and be safe.  But here is the ironic part- people were not able to get to work, but by golly they could make it to Starbucks! 
One of the trees in my backyard encased in ice!
The whole tree covered in ice
We were SO busy and short handed because not many of my coworkers could get to work to help us.  I guess people just needed their coffee and some sense of normalcy in their day.  Most of the customers were very appreciative we were open- and only a few were irritated that we closed early so we could get home safely during the daylight.  After 5 days straight of working crazy shifts I was completely exhausted!

Thursday morning was by far the worst- I looked out the window at 5:15am and everything looked like it was coated in melted marshmallows.  There was freezing rain coming down and it was hitting the snow and just smoothing everything out.  I attempted to get the car ready to drive but the layers of ice were so thick I just decided to walk to work.  It was very slippery but only took about 10 minutes, much faster than waiting for the car to deice!
Walking to work at 6am on Thursday morning.  I walked in the road- it was sanded
and not as slippery as the sidewalks.  It's about 1/2 mile or so.
Finally, on Friday I had a day off from work so the kids and I headed out for a walk so I could take some photo's of this wild weather.  Everything was literally coated in a thick layer of ice- it was one of the craziest things I have ever seen.  The temperature was slowly warming up and there was a light rain falling so every once in a while we would hear a "crack" and ice would come crashing to the ground from trees and power lines.
Taking a little walk.  The roads were a total mess.
The kids were having fun knocking all of the ice off of the branches.
We got pretty lucky- our power stayed on and none of our trees came crashing down.  I know several people (including my mom and grandma) still do not have power and might not have any until Monday.  Our new car handles really well in the snow- hooray for AWD!  I am ready for the snow to go away now so everything can go back to normal.  Please and thank you.
All that ice on a single blade of grass!
Results of my Tuesday weigh-in:  ZERO.  A big fat irritating zero pounds lost.  I guess that week 2 Biggest Loser curse is true.  I posted 10 workouts to Daily Mile and ate perfectly all last week.  I was rather disappointed.  Speaking of Biggest Loser- I could not believe that Joe just quit.  Actually walked off of the show and went home willingly.  And I was really shocked when Lauren was voted off- I'm sorry but Nancy or Conda should have been sent home.  Conda is obnoxious. 

So here is what my workouts have looked like this week:

7 mile speedwork run on the treadmill (snow on ground)
P90X2- Core

Snowball fight and playing in the snow.  The video below is of my crazy dog.

6 mile tempo run on the treadmill (tons of snow)
P90X2- Ab Ripper
*intention to do Total Body on Thursday

Completely exhausted from work, decide to rest instead. 
I did "snow shoe" to work- does that count?

6 mile run in the slush and snow and rain (I will do a seperate post for this one!)
*intention to do yoga after the run, skipped it because I was tired
*Soccer was canceled due to road conditions

Saturday (feeling guilty for skipping so many workouts):
P90X2- Total Body
P90X2- Yoga

My intention is to do P90X2- Balance and Power after work tomorrow, then I will have officially done all of my workouts for the week!  Might even do Recovery and Mobility if I get ambitious.

So, the workouts were all mixed up but the good news is that I managed to squeeze them all in!! 

Tiffany- 1 
Snowpocalypse 2012- 0

Are you on Daily Mile?  If so, we should be friends!  One of my goals this year is to leave more comments on blogs I follow and also for my friends on Daily Mile.  I know that I love when others do this for me and I am terrible at returning the favor.  But I am making an effort to be more supportive and encouraging.  Many times it is because I am on my phone instead of the computer, but I will make it work.

And finally, here is a music video that I think is pretty cool.  Click on it and tell me what you think:

Somebody That I Used to Know

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  1. Thanks for being awesome and living so close! There was no way was I able to leave during that stupid snow storm! seriously 3inches by 315am and was going to get worst no thank you! But thanks for being awesome!