15 January 2012

My Plan- Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

X2 Baby!
My workouts will be pretty much in the same order each week, with the only change being the exact details of my run.  So I will pick up where I left off last time, with a look into my daily workout routine. 

Rest Day.  Don't you just love a well earned rest day?  I certainly do!
Guess what?  We got some snow today!! 
RLRF- Long Run:

My "long" run for the week was a 5 miler at an average pace of 8:56 per mile.  For this 5K training plan all of my paces are below 9 minute miles.  How crazy is that??  I dropped the kids off at school and headed down to the Ruston Way waterfront around 9am.  It was a beautiful morning, the sun was out and it was about 29 degrees.  BRRRR.  I didn't bring gloves with me (oops) so my fingers and toes were really cold for the first mile or so and I wasn't able to check my garmin very often since my hands were tucked up into my jacket.  So I did my best to run by feel and keep my pace just under 9 minutes.  

I was able to run down into the new Chinese Garden area of Reconciliation Park which was really pretty.  I snapped a few photos and headed back to finish up my run.  My mile times- 8:55, 8:32, 8:50, 8:53, 8:55.  Not too shabby for running by "feel" for a total time of 44:08 and an average pace of 8:49!
Isn't it pretty?
X2- Yoga- After my run I headed home for a nice yoga session.  I shed a few layers, cranked up the heat in my house and pushed play on the DVD player.  I took yoga classes at my gym once a week for about a year and a half so I do know a lot of the basic yoga poses which is helpful for this workout.  Yoga makes me happy- I love how it stretches and challenges my muscles and is just such a comforting workout.  This DVD is very basic yet challenging at the same time and I am interested to see how I improve after I do it a few times.  Total time- 68 minutes

I have been playing on an indoor coed soccer team for about 2 years now, and although I had never played soccer in my life before this I am really enjoying it.  Our games are generally on Friday nights and once in a while they are on Saturdays.  This time our game was at 8pm and we were offered the chance to play an "extra" half so we took the opportunity.  Each half is 24 minutes so that is a total of 72 minutes of soccer playing to finish off my day!  We lost the game, but had a lot of fun plus it was our first game in almost a month. 


Warming up with some squats
X2 Power and Balance- I think this workout should actually be called 101 ways to do a plank!  Tons of core work combined with working on balance moves while lifting weights.  Also plenty of work on the stability ball.  Easy peasy. 

Supposed to be lowering down onto my elbows and then pushing back up here. 
I kind of almost can do it.  Once.  And I need to lower my booty a bit.
The crazy thing about these videos is that the time goes by really quickly and before you know it you are exhausted and almost done.  Total time- 63 minutes
Hello hamstrings, yes I feel you crying.  We are almost done!
I survived!
These photos are fromt the warm up of the Power and Balance DVD. 
I promise I change my clothes each time I workout!
X2 Recovery and Mobility- I was feeling pretty sore today (gee wonder why?  refer to FRIDAY above) especially in my quads which is most likely from soccer.  When I got home from work I had the option to take another rest day or do this DVD. 

Before I could think about it too much I threw on some workout clothes and pushed play.  Best decision I could have made, seriously.  This workout is really just an amazing stretch/foam rolling sequence.  It loosened up all of my tight muscles and made my body feel so much better.  It kind of felt like I had gone and had a massage. 

Hurts so good
I love my foam roller, and I think I may have a small crush on Tony Horton.  HA!
This move is called the "crawly crab".  The first time I heard him say it
I thought he said the "holy crap" which is pretty accurate!
So I completed my entire workout plan that I created, with the exception of X2 Ab Ripper on Wednesday.  I feel really good, I was a bit sore today but nothing like I was last week.  Tomorrow begins week 3 of P90X- 16 days down, 64 to go!  Anybody else get snow at their house today?  I think we might even get a bit more before it melts over the next couple of days.  Winter is definitely here!   

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  1. Wow, awesome workouts. You really rocked it. Loved the pics! :)