05 August 2010

The Games I Play

I have always liked to play games.  It started with my Grandpa Bill back when I was just a little kid.  He taught me how to play numerous card games (especially rummy) and I have been hooked ever since.  When we were teenagers my best friend and I were always playing games.  Trivial pursuit, boggle, scrabble- we even would watch Jeopardy and keep score against each other.  Yes, we were officially nerds LOL!  But nothing beats a good brain workout and while I might not be competitive at sports, I am definitely competitive at games! 

So my latest obsession is "words with friends" which is basically a free application for an ipod/iphone/ipad that is just like scrabble.  I currently am playing 7 games against various friends and it is completely addicting.  So if you have this application and would like to challenge me to a game let me know and I will send you my user name!  It is just as important to exercise your mind as it is to exercise your body- when I am 90 years old I plan on being sharp as a tack.

I skipped two of my runs this week because my leg was bothering me and I didn't want to risk making it worse.  For some reason last night I just couldn't fall into a good, deep sleep so when morning rolled around I was seriously considering skipping my run again today.  My leg felt fine, so that excuse was out the window.  I decided I would just run 3 miles.  That sounded manageable.  So I hopped on the treadmill and decided to set my ipod to 30 minutes instead.  As soon as I started running this wave of happy familiarity washed over me and it felt good to be running after a few days off. 

I play games with my head when I am running too.  I know once I start it is easy to push myself a little bit further.  I got to 30 minutes and I was at 3.4 miles- I could easily make it to 4!  I got to mile 4 and there was a good song playing, I would just wait until it was over.  Then I was close to 40 minutes so I decided to just go ahead and keep running a bit longer.  So I ended up with a shorter run than originally planned - but definitely longer than 3 miles!

Total distance:  4.53 miles   Total time:  40:01

Yesterday I took the kids down to Titlow beach to do some beach combing.  When we arrived the tide was pretty high but I was certain it was on its way back out.  We made our way down to the end where there was a nice little cove without any other people.  I layed out the blanket and the kids played on the rocks for a while.  I had to keep scooting the blanket back a bit because the waves were getting closer and closer.  I was convinced it was due to all of the boats cruising by.  Nope, the tide was actually still coming in and we were now stranded in our little cove- the water was all the way up to the rocks along the shoreline!  We had our little picnic lunch then had to climb up the rock wall to get back to the road.  Next time I will definitely consult the tide tables!

The kids and our shrinking beach area! 
The kids playing on the rocks- our escape route!
Me being cheesy- Gig Harbor and the Narrows bridge in the background.
We eventually had only a smidge of dry sand.  I knew you wanted to check out my freaky feet-so there you have them!!!  See my long toes?


  1. I've never actually noticed your toes before and wouldn't have unless you pointed it out. I noticed your dark polish then read your comment and had to look back at your toes to see the difference. Perhaps I just don't notice the details but I don't think any one else is either.

  2. Don't get me wrong- I love my toes (and my feet actually)! They just aren't exactly designed for running- the new shoes aren't really helping the problem of them jamming into the top of my shoe. Oh well :)