25 August 2010

A "Little" Walk

Today I took the kids for a walk over the Narrows Bridge. I have been talking about it for a while now and they seemed to think it would be a fun adventure since we drive over it a lot. I parked at War Memorial Park and off we went on our "little" walk. When was the last time you took a walk with a 4 year old and an 8 year old that was about 3 miles long, on a somewhat hilly route, in the heat? It was interesting!

There were a lot of boaters out and the kids tried to spot sharks and squid from the bridge. They threw some pebbles in and marveled out how long it took for them to hit the water. It was a beautiful day and I really enjoyed being able to absorb the scenery since usually when I am running I can't fully appreciate it. We made it to the Gig Harbor side pretty easily, it was the return trip that was a bit more difficult.

My daughter suggested I leave them and go get the car. Ummmm...no. So we took lots of breaks in the shaded areas and just took our time. They did really well actually, I only had to throw out a few bribes (like the promise of a well earned ice cream cone after lunch) to keep them moving. I ended up carrying my son piggy back on and off for the trip back, including up the last big hill. And I definitely flashed everyone when he slid off one of the times and brought my shirt down with him. That was exciting!  Next time I will definitely bring some water and maybe some snacks.  It took a whole lot longer than just running over it!

Scuba Steve, myself and my daughter on the bridge

Checking out the view
The beginning of our journey over the bridge

Fascinated by the cars
One of our many "breaks"!

Beautiful view from the bridge.  The Tacoma side on the left.

The kiddos
one of the many boats out enjoying the day

Me- loving the sunshine and trying to even out my tan lines!
War Memorial Park
Of course I also went for a run on my treadmill yesterday morning.  Just a quick 6 mile run, I tried to just keep it nice and mellow but apparently I feel the need to challenge myself constantly so I ended up speeding up considerably around mile 3.  Overall, a pretty decent time.  I am also trying to include some strength training into my weekly routine.  My goal is to complete 100 push-ups each week.  I will keep you posted on that one!!!

Total Distance:  6.36 miles  Total Time:  56:37


  1. For the record, I am aware there are several of the same photo of myself on this page. No, I did not do that on purpose, and no- I cannot figure out how to delete the extras! If anyone else has a secret please let me know. Until then, enjoy the lovely photo of ME!!! Over and over HAHA!

  2. I was going to add that perhaps next time you should wear a shirt with sleeves, or at least straps, to avoid the flashing. Unless you're into that kind of thing.

  3. Haha Sarah! For the record I WAS wearing a bra! I was trying to even out my crazy swimsuit tan lines :) And I figured out how to fix my picture issue. Whew!