15 August 2010

SURE is not an answer

Last week my daughter participated in a UK Elite soccer camp.  This is the third year she has done it and she absolutely loves it.  The last day of camp they played a "world cup" so I hung out and watched them play.  It is amazing how much better the girls can get after just one week of great coaching.  The Hot Tamale's are going to be a force to reckon with this fall!!!!  When I asked her what her favorite part of camp was she said "listening to them talk".  I couldn't agree more!  LOVE those British accents!

UK Elite Soccer Camp August 13th, 2010

I have been working a lot of extra hours lately, for many different reasons.  Perhaps that is making me more sensitive to this new annoyance of mine because it is something I hear daily at work.  Many, many times a day- it is really surprising actually, once you start paying attention to it, how often this response is given.  Lately my biggest pet peeve is people responding to a question with the word "sure".  As if that means anything close to "yes, please" or "that would be great, thank you!".  All day long at work I am constantly asking people questions about what they would like, what they need, if they would like me to do something for them. 

When the response is "sure" it just feels so unappreciated, as if what I am doing for them means nothing and I am just there to serve them.  Yes, I realize that is my job.  No, that does not mean they can't use some manners!  The next time somebody asks you a question, pay attention to your response.  I bet you answer with "sure" more often than you realize.  I tell my kids this all the time- SURE is not an answer!  Sure is an adjective or an adverb- it is used as a way to describe a verb, adjective or noun. 

Hey Tiffany, are you done complaining about rude people?  SURE!!!  For today anyways- I could write a novel about that subject.

Tonight I went into the living room to find this:

Tired little dude after a long week

What a fantastic idea!
Tired Mom after a long week!

I managed to get a run in on Thursday morning down on the Ruston Way waterfront while my daughter was at camp and my son was staying the night with my mom.  I also played soccer Friday night, it was our last game of the session.  We barely had enough players- no subs for the girls and only one for the boys but I have to say I think it was our best game by far.  We played against the team our very first game was against back in session one.  I believe that score was 14-1.  They are amazingly good and have been playing together for years.  The score for Friday's game was 7-6!!!  Such improvement!  We still lost but I can't complain.  I actually received a compliment from one of the players on the other team-  he said "you sure have become quite a pain in defense!"  Sweet!  He also commented on how much better we are playing, and I really think it has a lot to do with having a smaller team.  I am looking forward to splitting into 2 teams next session and possibly winning our first game!  On the downside, playing the entire 48 minute game without subbing out had a negative effect on my knee.  It was bothering me a bit Friday night but it feels better today.  I skipped my long run today- I figure with the heat and my knee those were good enough excuses!  Back to business this week though!

Thurdays run- Total distance:  7.42 miles  Total time:  1:09:06 

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